sharonskinner (sharonskinner) wrote,


Adieu, 2010. You have been a blessing, a trial, amazing, annoying, inspiring, frustrating, glorious, painful, joyous, and many other things.

What you have not been is boring, nor have you ultimately let me down.

Family and friends are healthy and we are still here, gainfully employed and living in a sturdy home.

You also gave me the most incredible birthday present ever. A once in a lifetime (actually once in 450 years) full lunar eclipse on the winter Solstice. What more could a Solstice baby ask for?

I am surrounded by family members who love me, friends that are true gifts and a husband of the ultimate order.

I continue to write and create and to find success in those endeavors. And no matter how small those successes may appear to some, I count every single one as a win. Each is an invaluable bit of kindling that keeps my creative fire lit and my motivation strong.

2011, you have some mighty big shoes to fill, but I know you won't let me down.

May we all have the most successful year ever, in whatever way we measure our own success.

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